n Introduction to Understanding the Old Testament (click here)

n Grief (click here) An article for addressing the effects of grief in yourself and in others at the same time, since that’s often what we’re faced with. Short enough not to be intimidating, and long enough to include what’s most important.

n How to Improve Your Parish Website (click here)

n The basics of parish stewardship (click here)

n The Faith of Christians (click here) A seminary professor explains the basics of the faith, and shows how these basics can be believed in by scientifically-educated people.

n Add the words “warm and friendly” to the mission statement of your congregation

n In Rite II services, transition to exclusive use of the newer (and more accurate) translation of the Lord’s Prayer.

n Add LEVAS II hymnbooks, if you haven’t already.

n Forward the link to this page to your wardens, vestry, and treasurer.